Zielona Gora Today

Today Zielona Gora has transformed into a rapidly developing center for culture, administration and education. Zeilona Gora has a large university with around 25,000 students. This was formed by merging the Technical University and the Teachers' Training College. Apart from this, there are many administrative offices in Zielona Gora so you will find many employment opportunities here.

Zielona Gora has also gained its importance as a cultural centre in the western region. It is known as a city of writers and poets. Famous poets such as Janusz Koniusz, Anna Tokarska, Henryk Szylkin and Krzysztof Fedorowicz all belonged to Zielona Gora. Henryk Ankiewicz being the chronicler of Zielona Gora has written many feuilletons about the city, which is compiled in several books.