Restaurants in Zielona Gora

In the city center of Zielona Gora you will find many good restaurants which serve a variety of food. However, there is one particular restaurant near the railway station, which serves typical Polish food in an ambience that, takes you thirty years back. The food is good and prices affordable too. You are strongly recommended to have at least one meal here.

Another restaurant that has become a popular tourist attraction is the Palmiarina Restaurant. It is a huge Palm House cum restaurant where more than 200 plants grow. The fascinating site of 120 tropical plants growing in the glass house within the restaurant is awesome. You can sit on top of the wine hill, go to the discotheque or seek cozy spots in the jungle. It is a novel experience to sit under the highest palm tree and gaze at piranhas and a crocodile while having dinner.

The restaurant is also the sole existing wine house today. There is an observation deck in the house on the Wine Hill, just like the ones that used to be built by the wealthy growers. In late 1970s a glass structure was built on the deck for the restaurant.