Nightlife in Wroclaw

Wroclaw has a very vibrant nightlife. The city is alive till early hours of the morning and most bars stay open till the last customer has left. You can begin, once again, at Rynek, which is surrounded by pubs, and cafes where you can spend your time till dawn. From there you can move on to discotheques and night bars, sometimes with live music. The best street to find bars teeming with youngsters and students is probably ul. Rusak.

Club PRL
After having your meal, move on to Club PRL, retoro club that takes you back to the good old 60s. The nostalgic old music is sure to put you in a mood, while waiter dressed in red jackets, reminiscent of the days of Lenin keep reminding you of the era gone by.
Address: Rynek-Ratusz 10; Tel ++48 (71) 3425526

Coolturka Club
The latest rage in Wroclaw, this is definitely the place to go to witness first hand the 'cool' pub culture of Wroclaw. Exposed brickwork, gleaming ventilation pipes and zebra-striped barstools give it the look of a metropolitan lounge bar
Address: ul. Odrzanska 6; Tel +48 (71) 3410462