Main Attractions in Wroclaw

A historic Metropolis, Wroclaw has several things to offer the interested tourist. Start at the old market place, Rynek, which was faithfully reconstructed to its former glory and likeness from scratch after being completely destroyed in WWII. Among the largest squares of its kind in Europe today, it was first planned in 1241. Its centre is dominated by a Gothic Town Hall and an impresive ensemble of buildings whose facades range from Gothic to Art Nouveau. Another place to visit is Ostrow Tumski, the site of the original Wroclaw, where the city was conceived. At that time it was just an island, which once the bishopric founded, developed into the centre of religious life, which it is till today. To visit the island you have to cross the Ostrow Tumski bridge, the oldest bridge in Wroclaw, which joins this peaceful and religiously dominated island with the rest of the city. If you leave Wroclaw without seeing Panorama Raclawika, you've really missed a sight. This larger than life painting is so big that it requires a home all to itself. Painted by Jan Styka and Wojciech Kissak, it epitomizes the Polish national spirit and patriotic fervor. Painted on a 140 m long canvas, the painting depicts the legendary General Tadeusz Kosciuszko's victory over the Russian forces at Raclawice in 1794. Catch the panoramic view of the city from the tower of the Cathrdral of John the Baptist. A living, working church, this is the fourth cathedral built on the original site. Interestingly, the original cathedral which was started in 1244 was the first brick building in Poland. It took five centuries for the cathedral to be completed. If you like outdoors, you should visit Japanese Garden, probably the only real Japanese garden in Europe. It has been created and designed by Japanese experts.