Attractions on Wolin and Uznam Islands

There are many popular holiday resorts in the German part of the Uznam Island. Dreikaiserbader, Swinoujscie and Zinnowitz have some of the best ones. The first seaside resort was opened on Uznam Island in 1824. Ahlbeck with its history of over 100 years perhaps has the oldest standing building where many great people came for a holiday. The village of Peenemunde on the Uznam Island is historically well known. The Luftwaffe tested their missiles and rockets in this small village during World War II.

One of the most popular seaside holiday resorts is Miedzyzdroje, also called the "Pearl of the Baltic". This part of the island has beautiful landscapes, a wonderful climate and a warmer and cleaner sea to charm you. Within the town, you can see charming spa buildings belonging to the nineteenth century.

The Promenade has a number of boarding houses with beautiful architecture. You will also find the port with its traditional fishing culture, an interesting place to visit. Near the sandy beaches of Miedzyzdroje is the Star Promenade a famous pedestrian street where annual Summer Stars Festival is held. Famous theatre and film personalities are said to leave bronze castes of their hands here. The Kamien Pomorski in Miedzyzdroje is worth seeing - especially, the building called its architectural pearl, the cathedral. It was originally a Romanesque architecture, but over the centuries, gothic and baroque features were added to it during renovations.

Another attraction of Miedzyzdroje is the beautiful vegetation comprising of yew trees, the monumental oak trees and an ash tree called 'the giant'. You will enjoy going for long walks or bicycle trips in Miedzyzdroje.

In the town of Swinoujsciei, you can see a lighthouse typical of the times. The chief attraction of the town of Wolin is the Viking Festival which is held every summer.

In the Wolin Island, Poland's largest island, the main attraction is the Wolin National Park. This park with its post glacial lakes and sandy cliffs is the most scenic part of the island. The Wolinski National Park established in 1960, is the first maritime park in Poland. The landscape of the Park is dominated by the Moraine Hills which cover a large area of the park, waters of the natural and artificial lakes and of course the forest area. Vast peat bogs and meadows are another feature of the Wolinski National Park. You can get atop the Zielonka Hill and admire the picturesque delta of the Swina River.

The flora of the park is rich and varied. It has a collection of rare plant species like the orchids, sea-holly and honeysuckle. Beech forests are the other common sight in the Park. The most natural parts of the forest are under strict protection zones. Altogether more than 1300 variety of rare and protected plant species exist in the forested area of the Park. You will find huge complexes of pine forests, beech and oak trees and alder woods.

The animal life of the Park is also varied and interesting. You can find over 230 species of birds in the Park. White-tailed sea eagle, aquatic warbler, dunlin and the red breasted flycatchers, ruff and mute swan are some of the more beautiful birds. The Park is also a natural habitat of many species of water fowls. It provides shelter to these birds especially during the migratory season of spring and autumn. As a project, the eagle owl or the Bubo bubo has been recently introduced to the Park. Among the larger animals, the bison, wild boars, roe deer, otters and badgers are commonly found there. There is a small bison reserve within the park.

The Park also boasts of a rich insect world housing the largest Polish beetle - the stag beetle. Three new species of beetles have also been designated within the Park area. Within the waters of the Pomeranian Bay you will again find many rare fish and sea mammals. The grey seal and the harbor porpoise are some species that you must see.
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