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One of Poland's smallest towns, Sopot, the third of the Tricity sisters is located beautifully between Gdansk Gulf and the forests of the Tricity Landscape Park. Hence, lying in the lap of beaches and sea on the one hand, and verdant greens on the other, Sopot beckons all those who are looking for unadultrated enjoyment in beautiful natural surroundings. It is referred to as the summer capital of Poland.

The first human settlements here date back to 2500 years. It became a fashionable seaside resort town in the 17th and 18th centuries, when its baths and spas attracted the affluent and aristocratic people of the time. Later, Sopot became a part of the Free City of Gdansk under the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler stayed at the Grand Hotel in 1939 for a week, while his army took over Warsaw.

Sopot has a 4.5 kilometre long coastline with pristine, sandy beaches. It offers lots of water sports such as water slides, beach volleyball and football. Water and beach equipment rental shops are aplenty.

The centre of Sopot is a promenade, the Monte Casino Heroes Street, which is a no-entry zone for vehicles. Lined by numerous 19th and 20th century houses, the street is perfect for a relaxing walk. Turn off the main street into one of the side streets, and you will be fascinated with the antique parks and gardens.

The Wooden Pier is at the end of the Monte Casino Heroes Street. This 511.5m long pier is the longest in Europe and juts out from Sopot beach. It is yet another perfect location for a long, leisurely stroll. The harbor has passenger ships and water taxies for tourists. It is also the site of many sporting events such as the Sailing World Championship and the Winsurfing Baltic Cup.

The Forest Opera is famous for its International Song Festival. The horse racetrack, located between Sopot and Gdansk was built over a century ago. Many heads used to come to witness races here.

The famous Hippodrome is on the southern strip. It was where Tina Turner performed live in concert in the 1980's.

The most famous hotel in Sopot is the Grand Hotel. It was built in 1927 in art-nouveau style. Over looking the harbour, it offers great views of the sea and is equipped adequately with modern facilities. Most of Sopot's better hotels are located on the sea-front. The newer ones are on the inside of the city and are unable to do justice to what Sopot is famous for - the views of the sea.
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