More about the Tatras

The Tatras were first 'discovered' by a Polish doctor from Warsaw towards the end of the 19th century, who recommended the region to his patients as a place to convalescence. Well, not only did his patents recover their health, they also fell in love with these beautiful mountains and thus began an age old romance between the Poles and these mountains that continues till today!

As per their geological rock formations, the Tatras can be divided into three distinct regions: the Western Tatras or Tatry Zachodnie, the Bielskie Tatras or Tatry Bielskie and the High Tatras or Tatry Wysokie. The Polish Tatras are comprised of Western Tatras and a small part of the High Tatras. It is the latter which is the most interesting and the most frequented by tourists. Its main attractions include steep peaks, deep glens, picturesque crystal lakes, beautiful waterfalls and clear streams. On the other hand, the Western Tatras present luxuriant pine forests, wider horizons and abundant wildlife.

The entire Polish Tatras are part of the Tatra National Park whose counter part on the Slovakian side is the Tatransky Narodny Park. Both regions are governed by special regulations that include tourist guidelines so as to preserves the wildlife and vegetation.