Main Attractions in the Tatras

There are several scenic attractions in the Tatra region. The most famous and most visited is the Morskie Oko Lake. Legend has it that the lake is connected to the Adriatic Sea through an underground passage and hence its name the "Eye of the Sea" or Morskie Oko. It is also one of the deepest lakes in the Tatras, with crystal clear water. One of the peaks that ring the lake is the highest peak of the Polish Tatry, Mt. Rysy. A visit to the lake makes for an interesting day trip where you can even have a picnic.

If you're here for the skiing, undoubtedly you will be guided to the Kasprowy Peak that rises from the main ridge of the Tatras on the Polish-Slovakia frontier almost in the very centre of the Polish Tatras. It is the starting point for many mountain trails and climbs and also the central point for skiing in winters. Several ski-runs begin from its summit. On your way up to the peak, you can take the cable car, from which you can take in the spectacular mountain views.

The biggest valley in the Polish Tatras is the Chocholowska Valley which extends almost up to the domed, grassy summits of the main range. Its lower sections are largely wooded and it has a melancholy charm which is a particular feature of the Western Tatras. Take an easy hike to the Koscieliska Valley which owes its exceptional charm not only to its scenic spots but also the fantastic and diverse limestone caves, wells and rocks.

If a hard climb excites you then you must try the ascent to Giewont, the best known peak after Kasprowy Peak, in the Polish Tatras. It has sheer, almost vertical cliffs on one side and fairly gentle grass-covered slopes, on the southern side with an ordinary path leading to the bare-rock summit. The long Giewont ridge, which is naturally shaped like a sleeping knight, runs in the west-east direction, and they say that since it is visited by so many tourists year on year it has actually lost some of its height over the last century!

Amateurs may like to try the easier climb to Gubalowka Hill, which is also a great area for sunbathing and catching a panoramic view of the area.