More about Swinoujscie

With an estimated population of 46,300, the first mentions of Swinoujscie dates from 1181, when the first castles were made at the mouth of the Swina River. Towards the end of the 18th century the town passed in to the hands of the Prussian Empire and became a part of the province of Pomerania. In 1945 it became part of Poland.

Swinoujscie's unique location has made it exceptionally favorable for the growth of the marine business and tourism industry. In addition to passenger ferry services, it is an important port location and provides complex port services like handling of dry bulk and general cargo, towage as well as moorage of ships. Another important contributor to the town's economic development is the deep sea fishing and the ship repair services it offers.

Throngs of holidaymakers crowd Swinoujscie every year from all over Europe. It's easy to see why - a better seaside and spa resort would be hard to come by. Swinoujscie boasts the widest beach in Poland famous for its soft golden sand, an unspoilt environment, nature parks in the vicinity, salt springs and therapeutic mud, an uncommon microclimate, a gateway to Germany and other parts of Northern Europe, and numerous other attractions.