Stolowe Mountains Hotels and Accommodation

There are several villas, holiday homes, cottages and chalets in the Table Mountain area. These are comfortable yet cheap. You have to pay for accommodation per day and make additional payment for electricity. Prices are often negotiable. Most of them are single, fully equipped houses which can house up to 20 people. Car parking is available and some houses have a garage too. Additional facilities include fireplace, grill, TV set or a billiard table. You have to cook meals yourself or have it catered.

If you choose to stay in a hotel, you can stay in the Kongres Centrum Rutkowski. This is a health center and spa in the forested area next to the Stolowe Mountain National Park. It is ideally located for sightseeing and has well equipped rooms with a mini bar, TV, phone and fridge. The hotel also has restaurants, two cafes and bar. The view from the hotel is beautiful.
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