Attractions on Stolowe Mountains

Tourists flock to the Stolowe Mountains to see the strange rock formations. Trekking routes have been charted out for you to get the best view of the rocks. You can park your car at the start of the route where there are rest areas with car parking facilities. Park guides organize small groups of tourists and take them to the vantage points for the best view of the rocks.

One of the best rock formations is at the Szczeliniec Wielki - the highest peak in the Table Mountains. Years of erosion have sculpted some wonderful rock formations here. The formations are named according to the shapes they resemble - like the 'Hen', 'Mammoth', 'Camel', 'Elephant', 'Pulpit' etc. There is an interesting spot here called 'Little Hell'. This is a large crevice about 100m. long and 20m. deep, with a climate that is low in temperature and high in humidity. Because of this climatic condition, there is snow at the bottom of the crevice until mid June. Another interesting feature is the 680 steps of stone that lead to the top of the Szczeliniec Wielki.

Another interesting sight is the Errant Rocks. It is a maze of crevices and recesses formed due to weathering of sandstone. These rocks are also known by their own names like 'Rock Saddle', 'Tunnel' or 'Big Chamber'. The 'Three Crosses Boulder' was once a custom point where many smugglers were supposedly caught. The dates etched on the boulders are to commemorate their arrest.

Some of the other well known rock formations of the area are the Rock Mushrooms, so called because of their mushroom like shape, White Rocks which are made of pale sandstone, Lezyckie Rocks and the Radkowskie Rocks. The huge rock towers of the Radkowskie rocks are a delight to watch.

After you have visited the rock formations, you should see the Posna Waterfalls. This is located at the foot of the Szczeliniec Wielki. The spot is precious to the Table Mountain region because of the many beech, wych elms, sycamores and fir trees in the glen. This area is also a highly protected area.

There are many places of historical interest in and around the Park area. The Wambierzyce - or the Jerusalem of Lower Silesia is a pilgrimage destination with basilica, chapels and pilgrim stations. You can visit Duszniki, which is famous for the Museum of the Papary, the oldest paper mill, and holds the Chopin festival every year. Other interesting places are the Czermna - the chapel of the skulls and Pstrazna - the museum of the Sudeten village.

Another attraction for holidaymakers is the health resort at Kudowa Zdroj. This place is famous for mineral water springs, which have various curative properties. Problems of high blood pressure, circulatory system as well as the respiratory system are said to be cured by these waters. Other health resorts nearby are the Duszniki Zdorj and the Polanica Zdorj. In Polanica, there is a picturesque river ravine at Piekielna Dolina, which is worth visiting.