Flora and Fauna in the Park

About 4,599 ha of the park area are under forest cover. Of this forestland, at least 2529 ha of land are strictly protected. Nearly 850 different species of flora are found in the Slowinski National Park and at least 50 species are under legal protection.

As such, the park vegetation growth follows a zonal pattern and exploring the land from the coast to the heartland puts forward a natural succession series. Right from the seashore algae to the beach pioneer plants, the dune grasses and plants to inland sand sedge, common heather, crowberry, orchids and pine are just a few representatives of the various vegetation zones.

The large bird population - comprising about 257 identifiable species (including 150 nesting species) - of the Slowinski National Park confers it the status of a waterfowl sanctuary. As such, the great diversity of natural habitats in the park and the strict Reserve acts make the Park a perfect haven for the birds. Moreover, the park being located on the spring and autumn migration routes of some bird species is a welcome resting ground for them.

In sharp contrast to the limited mammalian population of hares, rackoon dogs, red and roe deers and wild boars, the avian population is huge - sea eagles, golden eagles, eagle owls, meadow pipits, reed buntings, raven, willow warblers, swans and a variety of duck species, shrikes, etc., etc.