Attractions and Activities in Slowinski National Park

Slowinski National Park remains open from May through September. A tourist hot spot, it is so full of attractions and activities that people feel a strong urge to go back to the park once they have visited the park.

The proximity of so many natural forms - sea, lakes, rivers, beaches, woodlands, mounds, sand dunes, etc in itself is a huge attraction - allowing you to view nature from very close quarters. In addition, the park has about 140 km of walking trails through soothing landscape of dense woods, alongside lakes that have excellent camping facilities. Though the lakes are excluded from all tourist activities, the travelers are allowed to fish at the park's rivers.

A climb to the observation tower atop the Rowokol Hill in Smoldzino promises a panoramic view of the park. The history museum situated at the foot of the Rowokol Hill is another must-see, as is the open-air museum of local folk architecture in Kluki.

A visit to the historical sites and structures like the Podewils' Castle (now Hotel Podewils) with its nearby Chapel, the Pomeranian Lake District with its gothic houses and churches, the 5000 year old megalith tombs in the Borkowo region, give you a profound knowledge of the region's rich cultural past.

Whatsoever, it is the attraction of the shifting/ wandering sand dunes, which the tourists find irresistible. The sand washed onto the beach by the big waves dry off and are then blown inland. These sand dunes continue to move at a rate of about 30 feet/year - a process that has been continuing for the past 5000 years - building up sand bars like the Leba-sand bar.