More about Rzeszow

An ancient city, Rzeszow has an interesting history. It was founded in 1354 by King Kaziemierz Wielki, who presented the town to the knight and diplomat Jan Pakoslawic, who in a show of appreciation, christened the town Rzeszowski. The town prospered in spite of many hardships like fires, wars and assaults, and by the end of the 16th century it had established itself as an important center of trade and craftsmanship. It was an also an important destination on the trade route to Hungary.

In 1638, Rzeszow and its surrounding areas became the property of the Lubomirski family, one of most important in noble families in Poland. It remained so for a long time. It was during the Lubomirski family's governance that the first secondary school was established in Rzeszow. By 1844, after a period of economic despair and downfall, the town of Rzeszow purchased the "Town Law" from the Prince Prince Jerzy Lubomirski, and became a free town.

The town entered a growth spurt when in 1937 the military needed supplies of plane engines and cannons, which were set up in Rzeszow. It was declared the capital of the voivodship in 1944.

Like many Polish cities, Rzeszow did not escape the persecution of the Second World War. In addition to loss of life, historic monuments were destroyed and industrial property was reduced to rubble. The local Jewish population was completely exterminated and local people harangued by the occupying forces.