Main Attractions in Rzeszow

Like all Polish cities, the main attraction is the Old Town Square. Slightly different from its original layout, the shape of the town square is an irregular rectangle. On the western side of the town square is the impressive 16th century Town Hall, while the other sides have beautiful and historic two-three storey residential houses. The look of the square and its architecture dates back to the 15the century, when it was first erected. The buildings are actually as recent as the 19th century, when they were rebuilt after the fire of the Old Town Square in 1842.

The present day Town Hall which has a neo-gothic facade, is actually a 19th century reconstructed work of the original building, which was built on a classicist style. Under the arcade of the Town Hall you can see the coat of arms of the twin towns of Rzeszow. When in the market Square do look out for the house at No. 19, which is the House of Polish Diaspora, and a fine example of the classicist style of architecture.

If you're interested in history, you'll enjoy a visit to the old cemetery, a necropolis where generations of Rzeszow citizens are buried. Prominent people from the town, as well as victims of WWII are buried here. The most valuable ones include the tomb monument of Leon Schott, made in 1903 in the workshop of J. Kulesza in Krakow.

At the gateway to the cemetery you'll find the small church of the Holy Trinity. Embellished with a 4 column portico, it was originally built on the foundations of the Holy Spirit Church which stood there in 1469. This was recently renovated in 1985. You may also like to visit the Baroque style Old and New Synagogues.
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