Main Attractions in Poznan

Poznan is one of the oldest towns in Poland. As the legend goes, it was in Ostrow Tumski, the island between the rivers Warta and Cybina, that Poland was founded over 1000 years ago. The first brick seat of the Polish ruler was established here and it is also the place where the king accepted Catholic baptism. In the castle Mieszko I Palacium, built in the 9th century, one can find the first Polish Christian temple.

The island of Ostrow Tumski is dominated by the Gothic Cathedral, with its twin towers and surrounding chapels. Here one admires the limestone bowl that was probably used for the Mieszko I baptism. If happen to be in Poznan on November 1, you can attend a special mass that the chapel conducts to celebrate the souls of the kings and princes buried here.

A visit to the picturesque, medieval downtown, which is over 750 years old is a must. It has a Renaissance square, Stary Rynek, where the City Council holds its ceremonial sessions and a recently renovated town hall. Also in the vicinity is the Museum of Poznan City history, whose collection encompasses exhibits from the 10the century till present day, and is really worth a visit.

In the same area one can visit the oldest Poznan churches. Often called the pearls of Polish Baroque, the Parish Church of St. Stanislaus and St. Anthony of Padua Church (the Franciscans), they represent the most historic monuments of the Baroque style.

Near the Old Market, there is the Poznan branch of the National Museum, which has an extremely interesting collection of Polish art dating from the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. It houses works by Janet Malczewski, Witkacv and Tadeusz Makowski, Magdelena Abakanowicz among others.

In the summer, quite aside from visiting trade fairs, music lovers can attend jazz and rock musical events held in the courtyard of Centrum Kultury Zamek, in the Pod Pretekstern restaurant or in the Art Courtyard of Stary Browar.
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