Regional Variations in Polish Food

You will find many types of food throughout the length and breadth of Poland. But there are some foods, which are found in abundance only in certain parts of the country. This is mainly due to the fact that a particular region may favor the growth of particular type of ingredient.

For instance, northern Poland with the Baltic Sea in the vicinity, evidently has a rich seafood tradition. Baltic Sea is a treasure trove for a wide variety of fishes like carp and herring and the daily diet of the inhabitants surely contains fish in some form or the other.

Hog breeding farms abound the northeastern and northwestern parts of Poland, which lie on the North European Plains. The cuisine prevalent here thus comprises of many hog dishes.

In the upper reaches of the mountains, more towards the central part of Poland, rye, and barley are grown and also hogs are bred. At this height, but in the western parts, potatoes and sugar beets are cultivated.

Different soil conditions favor the growth of different kinds of crops. So in the mountainous terrain only, you have corn, wheat and potatoes thriving in the southern Polish mountains while tye growing in the eastern mountains.

A little higher up the mountains, along the banks of the Vistula River, corn, wheat and potatoes are cultivated. In the southwestern part of Poland, in the Sudete Mountains, cattle and sheep are bred in abundance.

Considering the variety of crops and animals being bred in the different regions of the Polish mountains, it is only natural that you will not find any staple Polish mountain cuisine in the country. Whatever food is grown aplenty becomes the primal part of the cuisine.
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