Main Attractions in Podhale

The people and the landscape of Podhale charm you when you visit the region. You should visit some of the villages not frequented by foreigners; for it is here that you get the true flavor of the place. As you walk around the village, you will be fascinated by the 19th century architecture of the churches and the tenements-houses near the market.

You can also visit the Podhalanskie Museum housed in what was earlier the Town Hall. Another interesting halt would be the Niedzia Castle, which is also remarkable for its medieval architecture. In Nowy Torarg, the capital of the region, there is a market every Thursday. You may consider visiting this to have a look at the local craft and meet the people of Podhale.

You must not miss the village of Chocholow. The farmsteads still stand there right from the 19th century and are a great attraction. You will admire the building craft of these villagers. There is a house in Chocholow made out of a single trunk of a fir tree. The wood carver Jan Zieter has arranged a wood carver's museum in house No.28 to display the variety of their craft.

There are several attractive events and fairs organized in Podhale for the tourists from time to time. There are plenty of hiking and bicycle trails, horse riding, sled riding, campfires with sheep roasting on open fires, accompanied by the sound of folk music - all creating a fairy-tale atmosphere.

Your main attraction in Podhale would be Zakopane - a large village that has been developed as a mountain resort. It is also known as the winter capital of Poland. From Zakopane you get a breathtaking view of the Tatra Mountains. Along the 420km. long slope in Zakopane, the world's largest ski-jumping facility has been developed. Tourists flock there for skiing and regular summer camps are held there for students by volunteers.

The surrounding area is covered by a Polish National Park. Hiking trails spread throughout the mountains from this park .If you are there during the summer months, you can go for hiking on one of the trails.

While at Zakopane, you may consider river rafting if that fancies you. A trip down river Dunajec by boat promises to be one of your memorable experiences.
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