Opole Restaurants

In 2003, Opole initiated The Culinary Delights of the City contest in which food from various restaurants was judged under five categories - starters, soups, main course, deserts and salads. Here are the winning restaurants and the dishes. Be prepared for a culinary treat!

At Kasztelanski Inn ul. Koszyka 29, Restaurant try Zurek starosciny opolskiej a traditional Polish soup made from fermented rye, served with bread, smelling of forest mushrooms and Deser festiwalowy or the Festival Dessert

The winning fresh salad, Kompozycja swiezych salat z ogrodu Karolinki, made of - mixed lettuces, spinach and chicory, with bacon and garlic toast salad is offered by the Festiwal Hotel Restaurant, ul. Oleska 86

Try the O!polska baba appetizer, a potato pie baked with cheese, served by Festiwalowa Restaurant, ul. Kosciuszki 1, (tel. (+48 77) 453-69-71)

For the main course step into Restauracja Muzyczna "Pod Pajakiem" (Under the Spider Music Restaurant), ul. Ksiazat Opolskich 2 (Market), tel. (+48 77) 454 31 51 and try the Zawijaniec piastowski or poultry stuffed with mushrooms and mince, served in tomato sauce with boiled vegetables.