More about Opole

As ancient as the city is the town emblem of the Golden eagle on blue field. The colors were borrowed from the emblem of the Opole-Raciborz Princes. The emblem depicts half an eagle and half a cross, illustrative of the collegiate church, which is the present day cathedral. As early as the 13th century, silver coins with the emblem were in circulation. The emblem was also used in the earliest town seals of that period, which were used in place of signatures, prepared by the town officials.

In 1958, at the behest of Karol Musiol, a long time appointee of the National Council, an amphitheatre was built in Opole. Two enterprising journalists from the Polish Radio came up with the bright idea of organizing a National Festival of Polish Songs. In June 1963, the idea bore fruit, when for the first time, amid a lot of trumpet blasting, the festival was inaugurated. Since then there has been no looking back. In 1995, the responsibility of the festival was undertaken by the Polish Television, which broadcasts it live every year. Thousands of artists have seen a meteoric rise in their musical careers after making an appearance in this famous festival.