Main Attractions in Opole

A pleasant town, Opole is small enough to take a walk through and recommends itself as an attractive destination for tourists. Like every other Polish town, the main town square or Rynek, is its central point which is abuzz with activity. In the market square, which may remind you of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, you will come across some rather interesting Gothic cum Renaissance burgher houses, which have a Baroque facade.

The 15th century Holy Cross Cathedral, a Gothic structure which has a beautiful star atop its tower, was a anointed as a collegiate church in 1232 and since 1972 has been raised to the rank of a Cathedral. You will find Opole's 15th century coat of arms on display inside the Cathedral.

A visit to St. Ann's Chapel which is the resting place of the last dukes of Opole, in the Franciscan Church, is also well worth seeing. The only remnant of the famous Piast Castle is the Gothic style, cylindrical, Piast Tower. One can get a magnificent bird's eye view of the town from the tower; only do be careful of the pigeons that are likely to accost you on the way up!

Take a break from the pleasurable sightseeing and relax for a while in the company Agnieszka Osiecka in Kopernika Square. No it's not the poetess herself that you'll find here, but close enough - a monument to her memory. She is renowned as a sculptor, poetess, author and a frequent prizewinner of the Polish National Song Festival.

For those interested in nature and outdoors, Balko Island, on the River Oder, where one will find the Municipal Zoological Gardens, with an extensive collection of interesting animals like giraffes, pandas, lemurs and rhinos, is definitely worth a visit.
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