Main Attractions in Olsztyn

Olsztyn is the seat of the Mikolaj Copernicus Federation - an organization that links cities, where Copernicus lived and worked. It was in this city that he is said to have written "About the Value of Money". Copernicus gave Olsztyn more than stars - you can pay visit to where he actually lived in the city. The 14th century Warmia and Masuria Regional Museum is housed in the Gothic castle of the Warmia Bishops that once served as a home for Copernicus.

There Copernicus worked on his treatise postulating that Earth is not the center of the universe, or, as a well-known Polish saying goes, Copernicus "stopped the sun and moved the Earth." High on one wall, remnants of his 20-foot-long astronomical table, painted in red and black, chart the spring and fall equinoxes. In the castle's refectory is a small display about the astronomer, with reproductions of his simple instruments. Equally fascinating is the room's intricate crystalline vaulting, also found in the Cathedral of St. Jacob (Katedra sw. Jakuba) across the town square.

Naturally a town that was once home to one the world's most famous astronomers is sure to have a planetarium honoring him. Olsztyn's Planetarium attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to see its astronomic programs.

Do pay a visit to Olsztyn's Gothic Castle. Like most castles of its kind which were begun hundreds of years ago, this one too is an eclectic mix of different architectural styles. The lower half, which is the oldest part of the castle blends amiably with the more recent additions.
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