Hotels and Accommodation in Malbork

There is a wide range of hotels to choose from in Malbork. If you wish to stay very close to the Malbork castle, you can stay in Hotel Zamek, which is housed in the former stables. Although the hotel is not air-conditioned, it has comfortable rooms on the first and second floors. Each of these rooms can accommodate three or four adults. It is a little more expensive than other hotels but has the convenience of being located almost at the entrance of the Malbork castle.

To have a quiet, restful stay, Hotel Dedal should be your choice. Surrounded by greenery it is located on the outskirts of Malbork. It has spacious and comfortable rooms with all amenities like direct-dial telephone, mini-bar and Satellite TV and attached bathroom with baths and showers. A lavish breakfast is served in the dining room between 8 and 10 in the morning.

Another centrally located hotel is the Hotel Zbyszko. This is an ideal family accommodation where three adults can share a room. The hotel is clean and provides good service, with breakfast served in the dining room. Across the street is a cafe from where you can also pick up food of your choice. There is a parking lot with security guards available for a fee. The hotel does not have an elevator though.
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