Main Attractions in Malbork

The main tourist attraction in Malbork is the Malbork Castle. It is the largest brick castle in Europe - impressive in its architecture and dimensions. The castle was called 'the fortress of Mary' after the patron saint of the Teutonic Knights - Virgin Mary. The castle is a museum today and is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

The Malborke Castle was nearly destroyed in World War II and has undergone several restorations since. It is actually three castles nesting one within the other. As you visit the castle, it will give you a true feeling of the medieval period. It is complete with a moat, draw bridge and portcullis. If you take a guided tour around the castle, you will pass through the Knight's living quarters, business offices, dining hall, a chapel and the museum. The architectural details are fascinating and will keep you absorbed for hours.

The museum inside the castle houses a large number of artifacts. There are displays of tapestry, coins, medals medieval sculptures and weaponry. The castle also houses the world's largest display of ambers. A thriving amber trade was once carried out through the canal route by the Knights when they governed Prussia.

There is enough entertainment provided to make your visit to the castle entertaining. Actors in Knight's armor will be roaming around, often engaging in a mock duel or chivalry tournaments and other medieval feats. Children may fancy taking a photograph with one of these wandering knights or learn a craft like coin-making from them. During summer evenings, sound and light shows are arranged for visitors.

There are guided tours available both in English and German. It would be wise to engage one of the guides. They are good and well informed and will tell you many interesting tales of the knights.