Things to do in Malbork

As the city is situated on the bank of River Nogat, it offers many opportunities for aquatics. You can cruise down the river in a canoe or a gondola and get an excellent view of the city from the river.

If you are more restless, after spending a day at Malbork, you can arrange for a day trip to the nearby destinations of Elblag and Frombork.

A train or a bus from Malbork will take you to Elblag within an hour. It is interesting to visit the Church of St. Mary in the city center and the Church of St. Nicholas nearby for its Gothic architecture.

The most adventurous part of your visit would be to take a unique EIblag-Ostroda canal boat trip, which stretches for 82 kms across six lakes.

To visit Frombork another historical town on the lagoon, you have to take a train or a bus from Elblag. In Frombork you should visit the Cathedral hill. The cathedral has an impressive Gothic exterior and a surprising mix of Gothic architecture and Baroque ornamental work inside. Nearby, is the Bishop's palace in which is a museum dedicated to the astronomer Copernicus who developed the theory of the Solar System here.

You can also take a boat trip to Krynica Morska across the tranquil waters of the Vistula Lagoon.