Main Attractions in Lublin

Right from the early day of spring, the city of Lublin, especially the promenade in the Krakowskie Przedmiescie and Old Town Market Square which is the center of social and cultural life, comes alive. Characterized by narrow streets and Renaissance burgher houses, Lublin offer numbers visual delights for a tourist.

The old town market square with its cobbled paths wandering through the once stately buildings of the past has changed little over the centuries. A must see for every visitor is the huge and dramatic Neo-Gothic Royal Castle. Originally a prison dating back to the 19th century, today it houses the Lublin Museum. Inside the castle's late 14the century Gothic chapel, The Church of the Holy Trinity, once can see a fine example of medieval Byzantine style polychromes. Climb up the belfry of the Trinity Tower for an excellent birds' eye view of the city. The Dominican Monastery is yet another gem, representative of Poland's Catholic heritage, which is not to be missed.

A less pleasant reminder of Poland's past is the Majdanek State Museum, a national memorial that is dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust. Lublin was home to large Jewish community that was mercilessly persecuted at the concentration camp in Majdanek. In the museum the prisoners' barracks, gas chambers and the crematoria all have been carefully preserved.

Illustrative of Krakow's architecture, Krakow Gate is a miscellany of different architectural styles, and lends its own quaint charm to Lublin city. Originally built in the 14th century, it was added on to several times over the subsequent years.
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