Main Attractions in Lodz

If you're in Lodz, you're bound to gravitate to its main promenade, Piotrkowska Street, which stretches from north to south for a little over four kilometers, making it the longest commercial street in the world. The street showcases magnificent 19th century Art Nouveau and Secession style buildings and palaces of former industry magnates. You should take a stroll down this lovely street to soak in the friendly atmosphere of this charming city, and when you get tired of walking just hail a bicycle rickshaw to take you to your destination.

The best and oldest museum of modern art in Europe is located in Lodz and is definitely worth a visit. It catalogues a unique international collection of modern art dating to the 1920's. On display are works by eminent artists like Adler, Marcoussis, Leger, Picasso, Chagall, Vantongerlo and important contemporary Polish artists like Witkiewich, Hiller, Chwistek, Czyzewski.

The largest Jewish cemetery in Europe is also in Lodz. It was established in 1892 by a textile magnate, who donated the land towards the development of the cemetery. By the end of the Holocaust, over 43,000 Jews were buried in the eastern part of the cemetery, which is now called the Ghetto Field part of the cemetery.

If you're interested in visiting the splendid mansions of the industrial magnates you should visit Kohn's House on Piotrkowska Street, which is a example of Art Nouveau architecture at its best. For an Italian Renaissance style villa a visit to Jozef Richter's villa is recommended. Do get the requisite permission from the hosts before visiting.
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