Attractions in Krynica Morska

The natural beauty of Krynica Morska is of course its main attraction. Nature lovers bask in the soft sand of the beaches. The sand dunes and the thick forests laden with pine and beech trees are perfect. The highest sand dune is the Camel's Hump which, with a height of 48.5m. above sea level offers a magnificent view of the Baltic Sea on one side and the Vistula Bay on the other side . In the distant background can be seen the hills of Elblag with the famous Fromborke Cathedral on top. In the Beech Reserve forest, you can get to see 150-year-old trees and spot deer, foxes, wild boars and a variety of birds.

The beach of course is the chief attraction and the main scene of activity. It has a provision to cater to all tastes. The adventurous can rent equipment for yachting or water sports, or fishing. There are beach bars, slides as well as secluded spots for a quiet moment in the sun. The beach near Piaski is very popular for sunbathing in the nude. The three large water slides are worth enjoying. One of them is the largest in Poland with a length of 85m.

The lighthouse near the Baltic Coast is a monument worth visiting. It is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during summers. It is an excellent beauty spot, overlooking the beach. The lighthouse dates back to 1895. It was once destroyed, but rebuilt again in 1945 and today stands as a monument of tourist interest.

Apart from attractions on the beach, the old monumental villas and pensions in the town are also worth a visit. On a casual stroll within the town, you will see fine architectural structures dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.

There are many other places to visit from Krynica Morska. You can take a trip to the Cormorant Reserve Forestin Katy Rybackie and the Museum of Stuthoff. The medieval castle of Gniew, and the gothic castle of Malbork can also be covered in a day' trip. You may take a boat cruise from Krynica Morska to Elblag or a water-plane flight to Kalilingrad for more sightseeing.