Activities in Krynica Morska

Swimming and sunbathing of course is the best way to relax at Krynica Morska, but the beach also offers a scope for a wide variety of water sports. You can rent equipment at the beach for wind surfing or kite surfing. The beach has a surfing school, which provides instructions. Fishing and mushroom picking is another interesting activity for holidaymakers.

Beach volleyball and beach soccer tournaments are regularly organized on the sports field on the beach. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can take part in these competitions. Another interesting feature is the "lifesaver's competition". The beach has the "Safe Summer with NIVEA and WOPR" programs with the best life saving equipment available. In fact, the Krynica Morska resort came second in a contest for the safe seaside resort in Poland. Children are trained on the safety rules on the beach. They can take their first steps in the water in the mini swimming pools located on the beach. There are bicycle paths also chalked out, you can hire cycles and enjoy bicycling with friends.

In short, there will never be a dull moment for you on the Krynica Morska beach.