Krynica Morska

Old lighthouse in Krynica Morska
Old lighthouse in Krynica Morska

The smallest town in Poland - the beach resort of Krynica Morska draws tourists by thousands every year. To enjoy the sun and the sand on a leisurely holiday you must visit this summer resort in Poland.

Situated in northern Poland, Krynica Morska is a part of the Nowy Dwor Gdanski County in Pomeranian Voivodship. It is on the Vistula Spit with the Baltic Sea on the north and the Bay of Vistula on the south. Krynica Morska is close to Gdansk, Elblag and Warsaw, yet secluded enough for a quiet getaway.

The Vistula Spit is a forested area thick with pine and beech trees. The sandy beach, the blue waters and the sand dunes provide a picturesque landscape that will steal the hearts away of people who love nature. People flock to this small Polish beach town to soak in the sun, to enjoy the shallow waters and to breathe in the clear iodine laden air. Krynica Morska may soon become a health resort because of the mineral rich water, which has many restorative properties. The place, though small in population, holds so much attraction that you are never bored or disappointed.

Krynica Morsk is easily accessible as it is very close to Nowy Dwor Gdanski, Gdansk, and Malbork. You can get to Elblag, the nearest railway station, by train and take a bus to Krynica Morsk. The freeway from Gdansk, Elblag or even Warsaw, which is only 360km. away, is the best way to reach the resort. Alternatively, you can take a waterway from Elblag, Frombork or Kaliningrad. There are two harbors in Krynica Morska, one of which is a passenger navigation harbor with boat services running between Krynica Morska and these towns.

Krynica Morska makes an ideal holiday resort - far away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet close enough to every busy township. You can always reach the civilization within hours when you get tired of the seclusion. This beach resort in Poland is sure to charm you. So, make sure you make a visit to Krynica Morska.