More about Krynica

It is the geographical position of Krynica on the southern sunlit slopes of the magnificent Beskid Sadecki, mountains that creates a specific microclimate. This includes a distinct difference between the temperatures in the night and the day, numerous sunny days and the winter snow which lasts for a considerable time. Thus Krynica doubles as a spa as well as a winter tourist destination, where one can enjoy classic alpine skiing.

The fluctuation of daily temperatures in Krynica does not exceed 8 °C as there is an abundance of ozone in the air and the number of sunny days from May till Sept. surpasses other regions of Beskid Sadecki and Kotlina Sadecka. You'll do well to avoid the region in June as that's when the area gets the maximum rainfall.

In fact in Krynica's air one even smells the ethereal oils, which is mainly from the conifers that have immunizing and bactericidal properties. It is an ideal place to recuperate or get treatment of certain diseases because of the air composition, which is abundant in ozone, has some smaller quantities of iodine as well, and is free from pollution.