Main Attractions in Krynica

It is the abundance of mineral water, in combination with the beautiful location that makes Krynica one of the most attractive and popular mountain leisure spa resorts in Europe. It's 23 mineral and therapeutic waters springs contain various elements are used for several kinds of therapies and recommended for various aliments and minor disorders, particularly gastric or duodenal ulcer illnesses, hyperacidity, hypoacidity, inflammatory state of stomach, intestines, pancreas and liver.

You could try out the drinking water therapy, called crenotherapy, you'd have a choice of twenty different springs to choose from such as Zdroj Glowny, Slotwinka, Jan, Jozef, Mieczyslaw and Tadeusz, and Zuber. And before you think you'd have to visit to each spring to partake its healing waters, this can easily be done at any of the public pump rooms.

Therapies also include procedures like hydro-therapeutic treatment, phototherapy, electrotherapy, mud treatments, inhalations, and unique to Krynica are the unique baths like the dry carbon-acidic bath with uses dry CO2 gas that originates from the mineral water wells!

When staying in Krynica, do take out the time from the various baths and therapies to visit some of the fascinating attractions in the town. Top of the list is the Nikifor Museum, which was established in 1995 to honour the self-taught painter. Nikifor's work, called naive art, and especially those from the inter-war period, which are considered the high-point of his artistic career and are on display here.

Take the seven minute ride to the summit of Jaworzyna Mountain by the longest cable car in Poland, also called the gondola railway, to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Beskidy landscapes. It can transport 1,400 passengers an hour, while its spacious six-person cars ensure a hassle-free and safe ride. Another must in Krynica is a ride on the electromotive funicular railway which takes you the top of Mount Parkowa.

Krynica is also one of the largest Polish winter sports centers with downhill and cross-country skiing as well as snowboarding. The snow cover here lasts for at least five months of the year. There are three trails on the slopes of Jaworzyna with a total length of about four kilometers. The longest, at 2.5 kilometers, runs from Stacja Gorna to Stacja Posrednia in Czarny Potok.
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