More about Krakow

The beauty of Krakow is tinged with sadness. Kazimierz, for centuries, home to a thriving and industrious Jewish community, was decimated by Hitler's genocide. Many survivors were deported to the wartime ghetto of Podgorze and then to nearby Auschwitz. But tragedy is part of Krakow's history, and few European cities have preserved their pasts more graciously than this one. Inspired by the Oscar winning movie Schinlder's List, the area is undergoing something of a renaissance, with Kosher food, lively art galleries and regular cultural events.

Krakow is Poland's seat of culture. Almost a quarter of Poland's museums are to be found in Krakow as are some of the best theaters. It is home to two Nobel Prize winners in literature and one of the world's oldest and most distinguished universities. It's not surprising that the city was named as one of nice European Cities of Culture in 2000.