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Legend has it that Koszalin came up when the warrior Koszala was tilling his ground beside the river Dzierzecinka. This earthly connection remains and the refreshing natural environment is a living testimony.

Koszalin is abounding with parks, woods and stretches of green lands. The Pomeranian Princes Park is the most prominent with its tree count being 120-some of them belonging to the most exotic species. Koszalin Maritime Park in the east is a beautiful forest and falls under the protected zone. Lake Lubiatowskie within city grounds is a noted ornithological reserve. It comprises 300 ha of waters and 70 ha of swamps. Lake Parnowskie and Bielica are two other reserves that dot the city.

Blueberries and mushrooms fill the woods and the schools of fishes in the lakes are an angler's paradise.

Chelmska Hills regale one with a king-size view of all that is admirable in Koszalin. The calmness of the mind and the spirit that one usually finds at an elevated level is an added bonus. A tower was built in 1888, just for this purpose. Apart from the scenery, Chelmska hilltop is widely visited for the St. Mary's Cathedral, dating back to the 14th century. The impressive cathedral houses a Mary icon that is a favorite of the devout, throughout the world.

Boguslawa II Street has a quaint, late-gothic tenement house. It, now doubles as the Wedding Palace. Grodzka Street has another curiosity in the Executioner's house from the 15th century, presently used as the 'Dialog Theatre'. A mill and a miller's tenement house from the 19th century in Mlynska Street is another treat for the architecture minded. It now houses the Regional museum. Chapel built to St. Gertruda, patron saint to travelers, in 1384, is where one finds Scandinavian influence.

Koszalin is a dream-come-true for the culture maven. The Regional Museum, the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Dialog Proposal Theatre, the Municipal Center of Culture are always conducting some event or the other.

Koszalin's Amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 5000 gives them a fierce competition. The Koszalin cultural calendar is chocka-block with a clutch of festivals of international repute. International Festival of Organ Music, World Festival of Boys' Choirs, International Days of Percussion Music, Summer Festival of Cabarets are annual events that both residents and visitors enjoy looking forward to. The International Painting Meetings is held at Osieki, near Koszalin.

The sport freaks have some charming hike routes, both on wheels and on foot, cut out for them. The trail from Koszalin to Mielno is much talked about. Tatras Shackles (yellow route) is a cute walk through moraine hills. The red route of Jozef Chrzaszczynski takes one to the Lake Lubiatowskie. The blue route begins at Koszalin city center, goes through the hills to Sianow. This 8 km long, line of beauty is a test of endurance with smashing on way sceneries as the reward.
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