Katowice Restaurants

Katowice has a lot of smallish bars and restaurants, which will be happy to serve you a pint of Polish Zywiec beer. It's a little bit stronger than the lager you get back home, so be warned! The other national drink is, of course, vodka, which is usually served chilled and neat, with a chaser of some sort. Since many of the bars under the old Communist regime were pretty dingy places where people went to drink vodka all day, the bars that have sprung up more recently have made a concerted effort to move away from that kind of image and will usually also serve food.

Highly recommended is a large pub called Ars Vivendi in the market square, Rynek.
Address: ul. Mlynska 1, Katowice

A bit further out of the centre, is Katowice's very own Irish pub, called Morgans. It's on the ground floor of a rather ugly office building, on top of which are the rehearsal rooms for the Katowice orchestra. If you're lucky you may be treated to a free classical concert while you enjoy that beer!
Address: ul. Sienkiewicza 28, Katowice