Activities in Kaszuby

There are many ways of spending time in the Kashubian Lakelands. You can spend hours sunbathing on the natural beaches or go fishing at one of the quieter spots. The road surface in the area is excellent and many new cycle paths have been made where it is a pleasure to cycle.

Water sports are also very popular. The Wydzydze, Gorne and Dolne Raduskie lakes are excellent for sailing. At the resorts like Leba, Wierzyca and Wyda, you can hire equipment for canoeing, wind surfing or kayaking. In fact canoeing through the rivers is one way of reaching Kaszuby.

The Radunia Circle or the Kaszub Landscape Park is a great favorite with the canoeists. It is a 60 kilometer loop which has ten lakes connected by the Radunia River like pearls in a string. You can also drive down the high way to enjoy the scenic beauty there.

The Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie is a heritage park that gives you an exposure to the famous folk culture and tradition of the place. On a visit to the Park you will see 18th and 19th century Kashubian cottages, farms, manor houses a windmill and a church, all with the original wooden construction. The St. Barbara wooden church is of special importance. Various fairs and folk art shows are also held there for tourists.

While at Kaszuby, you must not miss the Strawberry Festival held in June. This is held on a hill near Kartuzy. At the market, you will be able to buy and taste the most delicious and rare varieties of strawberries brought in by the farmers.