More about Karpacz

Karpacz, as a city acquired its city rights as late as 1960. Prior to that it was just a collection of several smaller villages and settlements. Development of the area has been closely linked to the mining of metals. As more and more forests were cut down for mining purposes, many new settlements came about in that area.

It was King Fredrick Wilhelm III, of Prussia who kick-started the start of the tourism to Karpacz. In 1800 he visited the area and even hiked to the top of the Sniezka Mountain. After WWII, Karpacz was the first to take the lead in developing winter sports activities in a commercial manner, even hosting competitive sports in order to jumpstart tourism. Today Karpacz has developed into one of the most important tourism destinations in Europe.

The 1975, youth hostel at the summit of the Sniezka Mountain is considered to be the symbol of the city and the region.