Main Attractions in Karpacz

Winter sports and hiking undoubtedly remain the most attractive reasons to visit Karpacz. Amateur walkers will enjoy taking any of the numerous routes in the Karkonosze Mountains, especially the one that goes up all the way to the top of the Snow Mountain. In fact Karpacz is an ideal starting point for trips, as there are several well marked routes, graded in order of difficulty that lead to the Karkonosze Mountains. For instance, picturesque the blue trail will take to the peak of Sniezka in just under 3.5 hours.

The Karpacz region remains snow bound till late in the spring and sometimes even till the month of April. Skiers will find ideal conditions on the numerous slopes and long skiing routes. Conveniences like chair lifts, ski-lifts and ski-runs abound. The ski slopes in Karpacz cater to right from beginners to advanced level slopes. In fact there are many ski-slopes in town that are ideal for beginners and children. Conveniences like drag lifts and ski rentals are available by the ski-slopes.

If ice-skating is your cup of tea then do pay a visit to the local skating rink. And if the more perilous ski-jumping is what you prefer, Karpacz even has that. Orlinek, the ski-jump is renowned for the championships that it once used to host, where well-known participants like Adam Malysz have participated in competitions. During the summer, the ski-jump is an excellent point from where one can admire the scenic surroundings.

For seasoned skiers, the Sniezka skiing complex offers six ski trails of varying levels of difficulty. They are also equipped with artificial snow making machines to ensure best skiing conditions. In the highest part of Karpacz, there is a beautiful ski-run which is ideal for cross-country skiing.

If you get time from all the hectic sporting activity, do try and visit the 13th century Wang temple. Made out of wood brought from South Norway, it is built according to the traditional patterns of Scandinavian temples, which combines the elements of Roman architecture with Nordic tradition. For those keen to more about the history of the town, pay a visit to the Sports and Tourism Museum of the Karkonosze region. It will acquaint you with Karpacz past as a mining town and surprisingly as a place popular for a variety of herbs.
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