Resorts on the Karkonosze

The Karpacz ski resort in Poland is one of the most frequently used mountain hiking and skiing site. Located at a height of 480-885 meters above sea level, it has Mt. Sniezka as its immediate neighbor. This whole town is a treasure house of sorts and there are many relics from the past that might just catch your fancy. Besides, this place is important for its lead and iron mining.

Karpacz has pleasant weather and it surely does assist in exploring all the attractions it has to offer. You must visit The Museum of Sport and Tourism and the Toy Museum, the latter has 2000 dolls collected from all over the world by Henryk Tomaszewski who also founded the Wroclaw Theatre of Pantomime. Other than these the Big Wang Church-a 13th century construction made of Norwegian pine, the small meteorological museum and the chapel dedicated to St. Lawrence, the Cistercian patron saint are other places you could visit. However, if you are climbing a mountain, make sure it is not winter as the ice-laden path and strong winds make it an almost impossible task.

The Szklarska Poreba ski resort in Poland used to be known as the Schreiberhau and stands in southwestern Poland. Nestled in one of the numerous valleys of the Karkonosze Mountains (valley of the Zacken) it is located at a height of 1900ft above sea level. Apart from the obvious attraction of skiing, you can also go walking along the used trails, or make a trail of your own. Get lost in the serene environment of the lush greens or simply take in the fresh mountain air and relax.

Other such resorts in Poland are the Przesieka, the Swieradow Zdroj, Kowary etc. You could try your hand at one and all of these resorts and make full use of its natural resources.

Cieplice is a district of Jelenia Gora and is one of the oldest spa resorts in the Karkonosze Mountains. The natural mineral water resources here have been used for centuries for the treatment of many such apparently incurable and often painful diseases like arthritis, rheumatism, gynecological problems, inflammatory conditions, etc. Local mud and water baths are the basic ingredients for treatment that are conducted under strict medical supervision. Earlier treatment methods included bathing and drinking of large amounts of water! Many famous Polish celebrities "took the waters" here, as the locals say. Among them are Jozef Wybicki, Queen Maria Sobieska, Wincenty Pol, Hugo Kollataj and many more.

The Szklarska Poreba gets its name from the wood cut for its seeds in the making of glassworks. Famous as the largest winter sports center, glassworks had been a thriving business here for many years or rather centuries. However, once glasswork making was done away with villages were established that was later converted into a holiday resort.

You might have heard of the 'Julia' Glassworks, it used to be made right here, and though it is not used anymore the process is demonstrated to this day at the 'Forest Works'. However, its claim to fame also rests on the two famous museums you will find here. Stuffed with minerals and other valuable relics it has earned the name of Poland's mineral capital.