Information on Karkonosze Mountains

The unique name of the Karkonosze Mountains can be owed to a Pre-Indo-European race called the Corconti that had been recorded by Ptolemy. It appeared later again in the medieval period in the Latin Gigantei montes.

The highest peak on the Karkonosze Mountains is the Sniezka (1602 metres above sea level), known as Snezka in the Czech Republic, which is also the highest peak in Czech.

Traveling to the Karkonosze Mountains is easy once you reach Wroclaw. From Wroclaw the preferred mode of transport to reach Jelenia Gora is the bus, which takes around two and a half hours and if you travel by train it will take three hours. Bus fare from Wroclaw to Jelenia Gora takes about 2.5h, by train about 3h. From Jelenia Gora you could take the bus to Karpacz Gorny or Karpacz Bialy Jar.

When you are visiting the Karkonosze Mountains make sure you taste the spicy country sirloin and the knuckle of pork roasted in beer. The taste is as unique as the ingredients and a grand treat for the food connoisseur. There are international dishes as well as snacks too to make you feel completely at home.