Getting to Kalwaria Zebrydowska

Just 35km northeast of Kalwariya is Krakow, the nerve center of modern day Poland. The seat of cultural, religious and economic activity-it is the face of Poland in miniature. 40 km away is Auschwitz, a town infamous for its Nazi connection. The Auschwitz gas chambers experience uncountable footfalls throughout the year. Wadowice, the birthplace of Pope John Paul II is 14 km away. The ancestral house has been remodeled as a museum. The city of Zakopane is 80 km away from Kalwaria. Situated on the foothills of the Tatra Mountains it is a tourist hot spot.

A 16 km southward drive from Krakow along Highway E77 and a right turn to Highway 96 is going to get you to Kalwaria. From Wadowice, it is an eastward drive along Highway 96. From Auschwitz, you can drive 10 km eastward along Highway 950 to Zator. Then you can continue 13km on Highway 950, southward to Wadowice. After that, it is Highway 96. Krakow has an hourly bus service that reaches Kalwaria in 50 minutes.