Blueprint of a Tour

Breakfast at Krakow and your day begins. Your next stop is Kalwariya Zebrzydowska. The Monastery with its Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary and cloisters is a building of the late Baroque period with influences of Rococo. If you want to see each of the 44 chapels in detail and explore the famous 'Kalwaria Avenues' then you have to spend the night. Otherwise, you can have your lunch and head for Wadowice. The house of Pope John Paul II and the adjoining playground awaits you there.

Wieliczka Salt Mines in the evening is going to round up your day, nicely. The medieval halls and corridors of the mine take on a life of its own during the evening. The experience of dining in the salt mine restaurant, 100 meters below surface, is simply mind blowing. Auschwitz, still, has a mind numbing effect of its own. It is best to have a day at hand for it.