Early Years Of Poland (10th Century - 13th Century)

In the 9th and 10th centuries, the Polians (field settlers) subjugated the Slavic groups that occupied the lands, which roughly constituted modern day Poland. The state of Poland emerged under the Piast dynasty.

Under the Piast dynasty, Poland witnessed radical changes in the social and political arena. For instance, Duke Mieszko I's rule (960-92) propelled Poland towards a Christian faith. Poland's imperialist ambitions were realized with the conquest of Hungary, Bohemia, Pomerania, Denmark and Kiev.

The rule of several such enterprising Piast monarchs imparted strength and dynamism to an obscure state and integrated it into mainstream European society.

Casimir III (died 1370) was the last in the Piast lineage. He contributed greatly to Poland's welfare with his progressive economic and administrative policies.