Main Attractions in Hel

Apart from getting sun-kissed on the lovely sandy beaches, the cities in the Peninsula have a number of museums and sights that are well worth a visit. The Maritime Museum, which is inside the 15th century gothic, Church of St. Peter's has an interesting array of traditional fishing equipment and models of various kinds of. The yard outside also has an exhibition of boats. Other exhibits include the history of the Baltic Sea and its flora and fauna. Don't forget to climb up the viewing tower for an excellent view of the town and the beach.

If you're a nature buff, (actually, even of you're not) you're sure to enjoy a visit to the Fokarium, which is an aquarium with only seals. Run by the Gdansk University, the purpose of the Fokarium is not merely an exhibition place but actually a place where seals are reared and then released into the sea. The Fokarium is an effort to increase the declining population of seals which naturally inhabit the Baltic Sea.

The tip of the Hel Peninsula, which is Hel city, is an important fishing and passenger port. It's lovely to just stroll down the harbor, breathe in the refreshing air from the sea, see the fishing boats and even take a passenger cruise to Gydnia, Sopot or Gdansk. Do note that these cruises do not operate in the low season. You can see some delightfully restored fisherman's cottages down Wiejska Srteet, the main street of Hel. Half-timbered, with tiny windows and low wooden fences, they are look more like doll houses.
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