Main Attractions in Gorzow Wielkopolski

The city of Gorzow boasts several interesting sights and attractions. Begin your tour from the old town, which is the central point of the city. Here you will the find the imposing 14th century Gothic Cathedral of Assumption. This impressive structure was built over several stages starting form the 13th century, with the gigantic tower being added in the 14th century.

Most of the museums in Gorzow are located on Warszawska Street. If you'd like to visit a dendrologic garden, which houses a variety of fauna, then do stop by the Jan Dekert Lubukie Museum. It houses tinware works, starting from the 16th century, but more attractive than that is the garden that surrounds the museum. You can take a walk on one of the special paths in the garden that have many rare and beautiful trees. In the vicinity is also the Museum of Ancient Art which is worth a visit.

Nearby stands the neo-Romanesque Church of St Stanislaw from the 18th century. In Gorzow once can also see some interesting architecture from in the form of fine historic houses dating from the 19th and beginning of 20th centuries.

About 25 km. northeast of Gorzow Wielkopolski is the town of Strzelce Krajenskie which boasts almost intact medieval defense walls from the 14th century, with gates, towers and a Gothic church from the same period.

To get a 360 degree, panoramic view of the city and surrounding area, try climbing atop the watch tower in the Museum of Santok City. The museum houses archeological finds made on the terrain of Santok. The watch tower was built in 1936.

If you're interested in nature and wildlife, then you're sure to enjoy your visit to Gorzow Wielkopolski. About 50 kilometers from Gorzow, is Europe's largest bat colony, and a reserve for wildfowl. You can also pay a visit to Drawa National Park, The Warta Slonk Bird Reservation and the Mini Zoo, all of which are in the vicinity of the city. The city itself has about 12 parks covering 128 hectares with walkways where one can take quiet walks and simply unwind and relax.