History of Gniezno

Boleslaus the Brave was the first King of Poland. He received Otto III, the German Emperor, in this place and was crowned. Boleslaus had recovered the remains of the martyr Saint Adalbert and had kept it here. After becoming monarch, he realized that the relics of the Saint would give the necessary importance to his capital. Thus, Gniezno became the first capital city of Poland. It is equally famous as the city of Saint Adelbert. It is not far from truth to say that Gniezno acquainted the rest of Poland with the concept of government and Christianity.

The cathedral of Gniezno became the coronation site of the Polish kings, and the metropolitan of Gniezno became the only legal person to crown the kings. The first synod, took place here during which the metropolis of Gniezno was created by Pope Sylvester II, embracing with its borders the Polish State of those times. The importance of Gniezno grew in the beginning of XV century when the archbishop of Gniezno first obtained the title of The Primate of Poland, and 100 years later the title of a born lagate.