Attractions in Bydgoszcz

A part of Bydgoszcz resembles Venice in Italy and is known as the Bydgoszcz Venice. It is an island between two arms of the River Brda. There are houses situated very close to the water making it seem as though they are in the water itself.

Bydgoszcz has a few historical monuments that you should visit. The red brick fifteenth century Gothic Farny Church is one such place. In the evening, the church is brightly lit, presenting a pretty picture. On the left side of the riverbank is another neo-gothic structure dating back to1885. Mounted on its northwestern corner it has a tower made of many smaller towers facing different directions. This is an eye-catching architectural marvel, which currently houses the Main Post Office. Another prominent architectural landmark of the town is the District Museum. This is on the Brda, opposite to the Post Office. It is a cluster of three buildings known as 'spichrze,' or the warehouse, as it was previously used for storing grains.

You can also visit the delightful Park of Jan Kochanowski near Gdnaska Street. The park is the musical hub of Bydgoszcz as most of the renowned music schools are located there. You will see the Musical School, the Musical Academy and the Filharmonia Pomorska all within short distances of each other. The Philharmonic building was established in 1958. You must try to attend a concert there, to experience the fantastic acoustics of the place.

The Myslecinek leisure park also known as the Lesny park Kultury i Wypoczinku, is a large forest area. It has a rich reserve of flora and fauna. The cherry and apple trees are a pretty sight during spring when they are in full bloom. The Polish Fauna Garden, also a part of the Park has more than 100 species of animals found in Poland. You have to take the narrow-gauge train to go to the park. There are also bicycle tracks and walking routes within the park, as well as tennis courts and provision for horse riding, if you are the sporty type.