Attractions in Boleslawiec

Boleslawiec welcomes visitors any time of the year but the town really comes alive in May when the Boleslawiec Festival is held. Many concerts, sports events, cabarets and exhibitions are organized during this time making it an added attraction for visitors.

One of the first places you must visit is the Old Town of Boleslawiec. Here you will see some fine pieces of architecture of Baroque and Renaissance styles, especially in the old tenements that are still standing. The Town Hall is in the central part of the town. The original building was destroyed by Wendel Roskopf in 1552, and it went through many renovations right up to 1776 to its present form that you see today.

You can visit the 15th century Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Some beautiful pieces of Baroque sculpture by Jerry Leonard Weber are there all around the building. The interior is also done up in Baroque by the famous Italian painter and sculptor Guilio Simoletti.

You would of course like to visit the pottery shops in the area. However, before doing so, you can pay a visit to the museum in Boleslawiec. This museum has a collection of fine hand crafted pottery of the most traditional shapes and designs that has passed down from generations.

In the month of August, from the second week onwards, the Boleslawiec Ceramic Holiday is celebrated. During this time, ceramic goods are presented at the market place for sale. Workshops in ceramics and sculpture are also organized by The Union of Polish Artists.

To actually shop for pottery, you should go to the factory shops. You can pick up a collection of pottery items from these shops at a reasonable rate. It is advisable to visit the Zaklady Ceramincze, Ceramica Artystsyczna, Cer-raf, or Manufactura as these are the more well-known factories.

You will be surprised to find that Boleslawiec is one of the few places in Poland where you can use US dollars to purchase pottery. This is because this pottery is extremely popular with the US military personnel living in Germany. The shopkeepers too speak more English than Polish. Make sure that you do some shopping here because the same pottery will cost you a lot more in London or San Fransisco

If you have time to spare after visiting the pottery shops, you may like to take a short walk around the lovely town to enjoy the feel of Boleslawiec, enjoy a meal at the local Pizza Pub and admire the quaint pastel colored buildings.