Flora and Fauna of Bieszczady Mountains

Unique flora and fauna abound in the forests of the Bieszczady region. The mountains are home to many endangered animals and plants, the celebrity among them being the Carpathian Deer. You can also catch a glimpse of red and roe deer, moose and wild boars.

Bieszczady National Park, the third largest in Poland, had been set up to protect the vulnerable and the strategic parts of the mountain region. A lion's share of the mountains constitutes the East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. It is a tri-nation venture, and is the only one of its kind in the world.

For the champagne and roses romantic type, there's the poloninas or mountain meadows, which nestle on the mountain slopes and where nature basks in all its glory.

In fact, Bieszczady with its wide-open spaces and scenic splendor is also the place to be for the free-spirited and the ones with dreamy eyes and introspective minds. Here you can have hours of solitude all to yourself, without city life infringing on it.

The Bieszczady Mountains is a sparsely populated region, where time has stood still. Its rustic and untamed appeal is a far cry from the manicured looks of your conventional tourist hubs.