Activities in Bieszczady Mountains

The Bieszczady towns and villages may sound like sleepy little joints, but there is absolutely no dearth of activities for the tourist to indulge in. The area offers numerous opportunities for the outdoors kind of person.

The San River flowing through the San Valley is ideal for the water sports devotee. There are traditional wooden rafts to take you through the valley and as you flow along with the river, you will have wild ducks, storks and herons for company. Presently, the Slonne Mountains Landscape Park would loom in front of you. The boating season lasts from May to October.

At Solina, a 45-minute boat ride aboard the "White Navy", sailing and canoeing are the other options available to the water sports freak.

Mountain bikers have a jewel in their hands in the form of the Lesko Loop also known as the "Gate of Bieszczady". Sharp hairpin bends and rugged almost inaccessible terrain as well as gently falling slopes, all demanding different levels of navigational expertise, can be found on this 135 km stretch of road. As a result, this particular biking trail is ideal for both the pros and the amateurs.

The ski lovers' paradise is at Ustrzyki Dolne, the winter capital of the Bieszczady region. Here you will find three ski lifts and a specially constructed mountain slope for snow boarders. Come summer, and this very region serves as the flag off point for numerous hiking trails to the mountain peaks like Mt. Tarnica.

The extreme sports action takes place at "Zorbing Arena", the adventure park near Czarna. It offers many adrenaline-rushing sports like rolling down the slopes inside an air-filled balloon.

Though the main tourist activity is still hiking in the mountains, cross-country skiing, horseback riding and mountain biking are gaining popularity in recent times. The nature trails, as those centering around Cisna and Lutowiska, are magnificent as is the recently launched trail of wooden architecture. These varied trails serve every palette and have contributed to the spurt in tourism in the region.